Wallapalooza 2012 a Success!
The Wallapalooza Golf & Cookout event at Bradford Country Club was a success! Visit the fundraising page for more information.


Thanks to all our friends & family who made Wallapalooza such a success!

About Us

Wallapalooza is committed to raising funds to help charities involved with the care and treatment of people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - A.L.S., or Lou Gehrig's Disease, as it is commonly known. A.L.S. is a degenerative motor neuron disease for which there is currently no treatment or cure.


To date, Wallapalloza has raised over $20,000 to help support charities such as the Massachusetts Chapter of the ALS Association.


Our inspiration for helping people living with A.L.S. is our friend, husband, father and grandfather, Walter Dorr. Walter was diagnosed with A.L.S. in April 2005, and passed away in August 2006 after a valiant struggle with this terrible disease. While he's been gone for nearly six years now, the memory of Walter's kind heart and good humor continues to inspire us to help fight for a cure so that other families won't have to endure the pain of living with A.L.S.